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A manifesto

I am a curious, passionate, multifaceted being. I believe in kindness, in human expression, in the transforming power of the arts. I believe in silence, in transcendental wisdom, in the lightness of being. I believe in living a day at a time (but thinking long-term), in conscious capitalism, in empathic linkages, in firm handshakes. I believe in genuine motivations and conscious processes. I believe in radical transparency, accountability and coherency in action, in diction, in thought. I believe in grounded optimism, dark humour and unfiltered responses. I believe in spirit, and the way it exhibits through corporality -  flesh, movement, gestural sinew.- I believe in gut feelings, in intuitive sparks, in human magnetism. I believe in the power of the visual arts, in the godly forces of musical mastery, in the sublime beauty and virtue of the written word.


I think we must leave a better world behind by permeating earthly capitalist dynamics with awareness. I believe in legacy and generational endowments, as I think we were born to take advantage of what has been given to us. I believe in daily rebirth, in second opportunities, in multiple opinions.


I believe in positive technological transformations, in digital media, in the power of the masses and in committed political youth force. In rebellion, revolution and free will. In diversity, multiculturalism and social justice. I believe in disruptiveness, purpose-driven dissidences, thoughtful questionings and cosmic jokes. 


I'm aware of flow, of change as subject, of happenings and processes. I'm fascinated by physicality as an illusion, by effervescent matter and quantum dynamics. By relative space and relative time and interdependence. By granularity, liquidity and elasticity... curvatures, multiverses and logical paradoxes.

And so I believe in you, yes. And I believe in poetry, in thorough observation, in the beautiful and the sublime. I believe in footnotes (mostly mental footnotes), in synonyms and figures of speech, in deep comfortable silence. I believe in symbolic attacks, in analogical thinking, in exquisite corpses and petite morts. 

I also believe in the power of yoga and meditation. I believe in inner expansion, in the knowledge of the self, in rewards, in karma. I believe in light and self healing. And I believe we can be the best version of ourselves by cleaning our inner mess and acquired baggage and impressions, by daily committing to our transformation. I believe in trial and error, in spiritual technology, in vulnerability. The more we dwell within, the more empowered we get and the better we can share with the world in laws of truth, consciousness and love. The good we do comes back. 

I believe in all things bold, good-willed and daring.

I believe in wit

                    in will

                        in awe. 

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