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Creative Consulting

Take your business to the next level. Orient it towards a sustainable and abundant future.

Speak your mind and soul. Make it better, cleaner, sharper, and effective. 

Brand Soul & Strategy / Copywriting / Naming / Sustainable Communications / Purposeful Design and Strategy / Business Communication Strategy / Business Impact Approach / Market research / Trends / Consumer analysis / Market analysis/ Benchmarking / Industry Analysis / Brand Evaluation

Purpose Consulting

Brands, Businesses and entities of the future require purpose. In order to be economically sustainable, they must be environmentally and socially friendly. And have a soul. We, the new generations want genuine, fresh, connected approaches. 


So you better have a purpose and communicate it effectively. Find your purpose, refine it, implement it. Whether you are a small business, an individual or a multinational, whether you manufacture goods, are a service provider or a startup, I will support you towards being and communicating more effectively. 

Sustainability - Conscious Capitalism - 2050 Agenda - Purposeful Communication - Strategic Connections for growth - Heightened Strategy - SDG Action Manager

Applied Spirituality

The future is spiritual. Oh yes, you heard me. Applied Spirituality is bringing spirituality to the system. However you call it: universal dynamics, god, value systems, ethics, consciousness. 

Applied Spirituality is non-dogmatic and non-dualistic. It resides in hacking systems for the better, and for good. Be a light being, a light worker, a lit business. Start from within, expand and experience infinity. 

Yoga Sessions for Businesses (online - offline) / Spiritual Advisory for Directives and Creatives / Conflict Resolution / Individual Coaching / Mental Health one-of-a-kind Support  / Addiction and Recovery Guidance / Professional Coaching


*Apply for a free creative consulting. When there's a will, there's a way.

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